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For the last 16 years many of you have known me as the guy who designed apps, websites and logos. In the past year my passion for improving the experience of products and services has led me to a career transition! 😱

Whenever I took on a client project (a new website a user interface or a logo), I would find myself passionately speaking into the strategic direction of my client’s business when all I was being contracted to do was deliver a visual design. I’ve always had a deep curiosity around ways to improve the experience of the products and services we interact with in our daily lives. It is with great joy that I’m excited to announce that as of this January 2019 customer experience strategy is my focus. 🔍

I’ve launched a private strategy consultancy where I work directly with senior leaders to create brand alignment between the customer, their desired experience and the organization’s ability to meet the rapidly changing demands of the market. 📈

Many companies, rather than finding ways to improve your experience, make poor decisions in the name of efficiency. This is why many choose Target over Walmart or an independent coffee shop over starbucks. And this is why blockbuster lost to Netflix.📉

I believe that what got you here, won’t get you there. Organizations that want to grow to the next level need to continuously improve the experience of their customers or risk losing to a competitor who will.💯

Whether its increasing customer engagement and retention, turning regular customers into advocates, or simply creating service experiences customers love, I’m here to help.