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No one wants a doctor to perform open-heart surgery if they’re suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency. Bloodwork gives the doctor the clarity and the authority to prescribe.

Why then do we treat every business book, workshop, or online course as the miracle drug? We tell our customers If you buy this course, book or ticket to the workshop, all of your problems will go away and your business will make millions. The promise may drive sales, but it won’t drive results. Results are what we’re after. 

It’s time we took a holistic approach to problem-solving. Clarity of the problem gives you the authority to be prescriptive. If we don’t know precisely what is wrong, we don’t have the authority to tell the customer how to fix it.

The more clear we are about a customer’s problem, the more authority we have to prescribe a solution. It not only enables you to guarantee results, but it helps the customer properly diagnose the right steps to take to solve their unique problems.