The Creative Pro Mastermind

A mastermind for expert creatives that want to become better at business.

Be known as the expert  •  Attract better clients  •  Make a Profit


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A mastermind for expert creatives that want to become better at business.

You started your creative business so that you can have the freedom to do what you love. But the problem is, most creatives run their business like a freelancer. Bouncing from project to project, providing discounts just to close the deal.

Not only that, after grinding through projects you end the year with little to no profit. And you find yourself wondering if running your own business is worth it.

That’s why I’ve created The Creative Pro. It’s a mastermind for expert creatives that want to become better at business.

Become a business savvy creative.

  • How to get clear about the problem you solve for your ideal clients.
  • How to get paid to make an estimate for your clients.
  • How to package your services in a way that scales.
  • How to charge what you’re worth and finally make a profit.
  • How to attract better clients.
  • Prepare your business to thrive in 2021.

Why Join The Creative Pro Mastermind?

Get Unstuck

Finally hit the goals you set each year. Get encouragement and actionable steps to achieve those goals.

Learn Faster

Accelerate learning what you need to do to advance your brand and the business behind it. Hear from your peer group about the wins and fails they’re experiencing.

Insiders Network

Build a network of trusted business partners. Collaborate together on projects. Hire each other, and offer more to your clients.


Mastermind with successful creatives that are all unique in their craft. This group is made up of the best of the best. Whether you’re recently transitioned out of a full time job or have been in business for a while, this group is for you.

What do you get with the Mastermind?

Video Group Coaching.

Monthly 90-minute coaching session with Mike Gonzalez & Lauren Shippy

Private Slack Channel

Access to a private slack community of Visual Designers, Video Makers and Marketers

Replay Archive

Replays, monthly recaps, and check-ins throughout the month that promotes regular progress.


Monthly tools and challenges shared that will create growth and maximize results.


Mike Gonzalez

I am a serial entrepreneur and I started my creative career as a freelancer while in high school. Over the course of my career I managed to land client work with some of the world’s largest consumer software brands including facebook, microsoft, apple, and many alike. 

Today, I help boutique service providers build brands online that matches their reputation in person. So that when referrals look them up, they move forward. 


Lauren Shippy

Lauren has a background in building, evaluating and consulting with startups across multiple sectors. She co-leads a family investment office and provides strategy to companies of all sizes through StoryWork.

She now collaborates with leaders in every area of strategy to design impactful business models and experiences. Lauren has a passion for identifying the underlying dynamics of people, products and experiences, and leveraging value chains to create new markets for companies. She is a wife, mom of 2, MBA, and a lover of team whiteboard sessions.

Ready to become a business savvy creative?

Be known as the Expert

Generate buzz around who you are and what you do within your referral network.

Attract better clients.

Finally work with customers that appreciate the unique nuances of your craft.

Make a profit.

Charge what you’re worth, and actually have money left over after taxes and expenses.


What’s My Investment?

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